What does the future of mobility bring?

Technology is advancing at unimaginable speed and companies will have to adapt accordingly. It will no longer be sufficient to rely only on one specific component or product, but will rather have to expand their vision and connect across different industries in order to succeed.

This is what is going to happen when the autonomous vehicles are fully integrated into our lives; vendors from different industries will need to connect, cooperate and interoperate with each other in order to create a unique, autonomous car with completely new in-car experience.

Autonomous vehicles will also no longer be only a matter of automotive industries, but it will become a matter of a lot of wider spectre of companies who will be present in an autonomous marketplace. Autonomous vehicles will also be a junction of many different aspects/elements of technology; AI, Blockchain, VR and MR and many more will be combined together to create the autonomous marketplace where there will be countless possibilities of cooperating and each will be completely new and unique.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. from the financial industry, Macy’s from retail and Netflix from entertainment are just some of the companies that are not primarily automotive oriented but are showing significant interest in autonomous vehicles and in creating the autonomous marketplace. A perfect example of such cross-industry cooperation is Byton’s M-Byte SUV vehicle, which has integrated Amazon Alexa that brings completely new and automated in-car experience that has been rarely seen before.

As Fede Ponce, one of the speakers at City as a Lab Summit stated: “We live in a hidden world of data, avatars, AI, algorithms and augmented reality that we basically live in a virtual world”
Nissan will be looking to present a concept of “invisible to visible”, which will aim to add a new dimension to human interaction that will give us direct access to this world.

These type of new innovations and technologies is what we aim for here at City as a Lab Summit and now you can be a part of it as well.