Interview: Luigi Luca from Toyota on Autonomous Marketplace

Luigi Ksawery ‘Luca, winner of 2018 Rising Star award and Director of Mobility & Connected Car at Toyota Motor Europe describes himself as a mixture of Italian creativity and Polish self-confidence. With many years of experience in the automotive industry, who better to interview about opportunities in the upcoming Autonomous marketplace.


What is the biggest challenge in your industry at the moment?

The right word is disruption. Is coming , the question is how fast it will go. Is coming from everywhere (customer, platform business, regulation, new competitors, etc..). We have to react. The question is again how fast. Only those who will be able to react quickly will survive. Only those who will be able to operate through partnerships in the new world will be among the winners.

How can City as a Lab Summit help boost cross-industry collaboration and why is this important

In the new business environment even tech giants are expanding through partnerships. There is no way an operator can succeed by itself. The City as a Lab Summit is not the usual networking platform. Its goal is to put together key players in the business to provide concrete and forward looking solutions to complex tasks all of us will be confronted with to respond the changing demands from mobility costumers and cities.

Our key Summit’s topic is Autonomous Marketplace, what will be Toyota role in it?

Toyota has a clear vision about the future of mobility and the role of Automated driving. Several initiatives and relevant investments have been already made in this respect. Toyota Research Institute has been established to lead the Toyota way to Autonomous driving. Beyond technology, the primary goal is to establish an Ecosystem with key players in other industries to join the future Autonomous marketplace. By participating to the Autonomous Marketplace we want to take the opportunity of meeting relevant partners to actively participate in the establishment of  this ecosystem.

Can you relate to your e-Pallete concept and elaborate how your new vision car will impact the future of mobility?

The e-palette project has been revealed back in January 2018 at CES. The e-Palette is not only an Autonomous Shuttle. It represents a key building block of our ambition to provide Mobility solution for all. The e-Palette will not only provide an inclusive transportation solution to all target groups, but it also has the ambition of redefining the overall logic of delivering services and products to the end customers who can experience and enjoy services and products on-demand wherever more convenient to them.

Why is important for you to partner with other brands in City as a Lab environments to define future of mobility?

Sharing economy, digital transformation, evolved customer needs and scale of new environmental and transportation challenges make it impossible for one single player to provide a fully-fledged solution meeting all customer (weather an individual, a group, an institution, a city) expectations and needs. Only through partnerships we can achieve this goal. Additionally autonomous driving is opening new business opportunities and our customers are willing to ‘consume’ new products and services on our cars. With the aim of providing the best possible in-car experience we need to partner with those players who can provide those products and services.  

 Why are you coming to City as a Lab Summit: The Birth of Autonomous Marketplace?

I am coming to the Birth of Autonomous Marketplace Toyota willingness is to actively take part and contribute to the set-up of the marketplace itself. We want to share our ambition, our vision and showcase the solutions we can provide and learn what the other players are ready to provide. Ultimately, we want to bring to life new business initiatives through partnerships with relevant partners beyond our traditional business environment and prepare for the future of people and goods mobility.

Join us at City as a Lab Summit to learn more about Toyota’s vision of future mobility, their e-Pallete concept and challenges in creating unique self-driving cars.