Fede Ponce, Nissan @ City as a Lab Summit, The Birth if Autonomous Marketplace

We spoke with Fede Ponce, mastermind behind many award winning user experiences. He shared with us his thoughts on current challenges in the industry, Nissan’s I2V project and a lot more.




Car Industry is facing many challenges. We are looking at the development of the autonomous vehicles, electrification and integration of the new energy grids, shifting ownership models and micro and macro-mobility systems in smart cities. We are looking at the transformation of human mobility itself. Cars are no longer pieces of hardware taking us from point A to point B. We are entering the mobility as a service era following a huge explosion of data. Did you know that the space shuttle ran four thousand lines of codes and today’s cars are ran by 100 million of codes.

What was the biggest challenge? Real-time understanding of all the intersecting industries that will play a role in the smart cities. All these challenges present incredible opportunities, but only if the big players move fast enough and only if we begin embracing new models of cooperation. Precisely of the complexity of the challenges that we are facing, best place to gather real-world insights is a breathing living lab.

The autonomous marketplace still presents many unknowns. Right now, the best thing we can do is just test our concepts and get real world feedback. Imagine for a second the complexity of our real-world interactions right now. While people are watching this, there is a handful of data. Avatars, AI, algorithms, augmented reality. Basically, it is a virtual world. Part of it makes invisible to visible an incredibly exciting concept. We are literally adding a new dimension to human interaction that gives you direct access to this world.

For example, imagine a digital avatar of Mario Andretti guiding you to your commute or the ability to remotely drive with your best friend. For more examples to real-world invisible to visible technology, check the UI and UX from the IMS at the Detroit Auto Show. In addition, keep an eye at the Geneva Motor show. Nissan is coming with some great exciting ideas. There are so many questions I would like to answer. I am truly passionate about the subject. However, I think it is best you join us at the City as a lab Summit. It is an unparalleled opportunity to talk to industry leaders and mingle with people who will be changing the world.