Impact of autonomous vehicles on financial market – Brett Murray, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Autonomous vehicles are here and ready to take over. To find out what an expert with 24 years of Silicon Valley experience thinks about the Autonomous Marketplace, we invited Brett Murray, Executive Director & Head of Strategic Design Innovation at JPMorgan Chase & Co. to share his thoughts on what opportunities and challenges he sees […]

Apps in cars – how will our experience change with autonomous cars?

Almost every technology we know today has come a long way from their first introduction, including cars and their functionalities. Soon people realised that driving in silence isn’t as fun as cruising while listening to your favourite tunes or listening to news, so in 1950, an AM radio made its way inside cars. A lot […]

Autonomous Marketplace as the new smartphone

Smartphones revolutionized the way we live and work. Even if at first people perhaps didn’t believe the smartphones would last long on the market, it is now unimaginable to go about your day without one, as we need them for our work, entertainment, learning etc. It also became very clear that companies would either have […]

From industries to platforms – what comes next?

If we look at different brands and companies through time, we can see how we as consumers have acted – first, we trusted big, leading companies in their respective industries. Later on, we all wanted to have certain products that were popular and high in demand and now, we live in the age of platforms. […]

Interview: Jahan Khanna from Uber on Autonomous Marketplace

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